My Dream for You

A heart-warming aspirational picture book for new mums and babies from First Nations tennis champion and new mum, Ash Barty, with Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin, the bestselling team behind Little Ash. My dream for you begins earlier than dawn, in the magical days before you are born. I dream of our future with you […]

Miimi and Buwaarr, Mother and Baby

An ode to the mother/baby relationship and ties to family and land. Being your miimi (mother) is the most precious gift life can give. When you were born you opened my heart as wide as the ocean. Join Miimi (Mother) as she shares stories with her Buwaarr (baby) about the environment, language and totems; passing […]

Little Book Baby

Little Book Baby wakes soon after dawn, beginning the day with a cuddly book-yawn. This little baby loves sharing books! Books on the tram with Dad, books at picnics with Nanna and Pa, and even bath-time books with Mummy. Morning, noon and night, books make everything better. From talented duo, Katrina Germein and Cheryl Orsini, […]

Why I Love My ABC

Learn the letters of the alphabet in this colourful board book full of cute animals! “I love my ABC because…” This touching board book combines the letters of the alphabet with cute illustrations of young animals. From Aa is for apple and Ff is for friends to Zz is for zebra, there are so many […]

Why I Love Numbers

Learn to count to ten in this colourful board book full of cute animals! “I love numbers because…” This touching board book combines the numbers one to ten with cute illustrations of young animals. How many wheels are on the bicycle? How many ducks are in the bathroom? And how many balloons are there at […]

Sharing for Sheep

A bright, engaging story to encourage sharing. Did you know when you’re not looking, sheep are knitting lots of things… from toys to scarves to mittens, to hats and woolly wings! But then, disaster strikes, when two competitive sheep discover they are knitting from the SAME ball of wool. Sharing just might be the only […]

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris

A special new edition to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the much-loved Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris. Ruby Red Shoes and her grandmother are on holiday in Paris! Ruby is fizzing with excitement; her smart red shoes are aflutter as she explores cafes and markets dotted along cobblestone streets. Ruby practises her French, eats […]

Giinagay Gaagal, Hello Ocean

An ode to happy days spent by the ocean, from Gumbaynggirr artist Melissa Greenwood, the creator of the heart-stirring picture books Miimi Marraal, Mother Earth and My Little Barlaagany. Gaagal (ocean) is our special place, we love to swim in the waves. We’ll catch some Yamaarr (fish), eat, dance and play games. An ode to […]

Mama’s Sleeping Scarf

A joyful exploration of family life, written by one of the most outstanding contemporary authors of our generation. This beautiful family story follows a young girl called Chino as she plays with her mama’s sleeping scarf through the day. Running with the scarf, Chino weaves together little incidentals of home life into a glorious celebration […]