Black Girls: A Celebration You!

A joyful love letter to Black girls everywhere. “Black girl, Black girl, SHINE” In this upbeat and lyrical ode, Dominique Furukawa and Erika Lynne Jones celebrate Black and brown girls in all their beauty, diversity and joy. Every page in this book will uplift girls of every shade, size, and walk of life, reminding them […]

The Rainbow Serpent 50th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating fifty years – a timeless classic from the Dreamtime. Dreamtime stories tell how the Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward. The name also reflects the snake-like meandering of water across a landscape and the colour spectrum sometimes caused by sunlight hitting the […]

All About You and Your Body

An engaging introduction to the amazing human body for very young children. Young children will enjoy this lively look at all the incredible things the human body can do, what it needs to stay healthy and how to look after it. The wide-ranging topics such as senses, germs, feelings, exercise, food, sleep and toothcare are […]

Minecraft: Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Minecraft Tips, Tricks and Hacks is the ultimate guide to take your gameplay to the next level! The Official Minecraft Tips, Tricks and Hacks book is your ultimate companion to bossing the world of Minecraft. Featuring step-by-step guides and incredible illustrations, readers will discover tips to take on the most feared mobs, tricks to tackle […]

Essential English: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

A perfect introduction to English spelling, punctuation and grammar Find out how English really works with the help of some friendly bugs. They know all the spelling, punctuation and grammar tips and tricks for good writing. Brought to life with funny examples and imaginative activities.

Little Experts: How to Build a Home

Get designing and building with architect and TV presenter GEORGE CLARKE. From marvellous materials to future tech – discover the stories behind our homes. Our EXPERTS are famous for their incredible know-how and passion for their subjects, and now they have made it their mission to share that knowledge with you in LITTLE EXPERTS: the […]

Lift-the-Flap First Q & A: Why Do We Need Worms?

Meet the recyclers, the miners, the movers and shakers who make our soil just right for everything to grow. Worms are so much more than wiggly minibeasts. This bold, bright and brilliant book delves underground, discovering what worms do all day (and night), exploring a wonderful world of microbes, plant roots and creepy crawlies, and […]

The Snow Girl

“Frozen meets Narnia in an enchanting children’s novel.” The Telegraph “The Snow Girl is spectacular. A truly special book of snow and winter magic with the warmest and most cheering beating heart. I can’t stop thinking about it.” Sibéal Pounder From award-winning and critically acclaimed Sophie Anderson, comes a fairy-tale story of friendship, belonging and […]

100% Unofficial Roblox Top 100 Games

Get ready to discover the amazing world of Roblox! We all know Roblox is full of exciting games and experiences, but do you know where to find your next favourite game? This book will reveal the top 100 Roblox games, so hold on tight and prepare for fun! Whether you’re a role-playing fanatic, obsessed with […]