Yorick and Bones (Book 2): Friends By Any Other Name

Hey-ho, hey-ho! Father-daughter duo Jeremy and Hermione Tankard are thrilled to deliver the second book in a heartfelt, ‘humerus’ full-color graphic novel series perfect for fans of Bird & Squirrel! Yorick and his trusty canine companion Bones hath returned, and they are cordially invited to a costume party! But when Yorick arrives and meets a […]

School for Talking Pets

DOCTOR DOLITTLE MEETS WILLY WONKA IN THIS FUNNY AND THRILLING ADVENTURE FROM AN EXCITING NEW VOICE. Pets? Tick! TALKING pets? Double tick! Silly spies, secret plots and one shy kid who might just save the day? Tick, tick, tick! Anything’s possible at the School for Talking Pets… When Rusty Mulligan and his pet blue-tongued lizard […]

That’s What Friends Do

A heartfelt and powerful debut novel for fans of Erin Entrada Kelly and John David Anderson, That’s What Friends Do is a book for anyone learning how to have the hard conversations about feelings, boundaries, and what it means to be a true friend. Samantha Goldstein and David Fisher have been friends ever since they […]

The Curse of the Vampire Robot

Classic vampire mythology meets nerdy computer-speak in a rhyming tale of adventure, bravery and compassion from master storyteller Graeme Base. Deep in the Scottish Highlands, Many years from now… Gertie Gif, a lowly cleaning droid from the village of Loch Lan, sets out on an heroic quest to liberate her fellow robo-folk from the curse […]

Jop and Blip Wanna Know (Book 1): Can You Hear a Penguin Fart on Mars?

Two curious robots seek the answers to life’s most pressing – and hilarious – questions in this full-color graphic novel series by Jim Benton, New York Times bestselling author and creator of Franny K. Stein and Catwad! Join Jop and Blip as they follow their curiosity and investigate these seemingly odd questions using their own […]

Efrén Divided

Efrén Nava’s Amá is his Superwoman – or Soperwoman, named after the delicious Mexican sopes his mother often prepares. Both Amá and Apá work hard all day to provide for the family, making sure Efrén and his younger siblings Max and Mía feel safe and loved. But Efrén worries about his parents; although he’s American-born, […]

Warriors Super Edition: Graystripe’s Vow

An epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s bestselling Warriors series! Also includes an exclusive ten-page Warriors comic. In this Super Edition, set during the events of The Broken Code, respected ThunderClan warrior Graystripe seeks a path to the Clan’s future by returning to his past – and the Moonstone in the Clans’ old forest territory. […]

Don’t Turn Out the Lights

Featuring stories from R.L. Stine and Madeleine Roux, this middle grade horror anthology, curated by New York Times bestselling author and master of macabre Jonathan Maberry, is a chilling tribute to Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Flesh-hungry ogres. Brains full of spiders Haunted houses you can’t escape. This collection of 35 […]

Witched!: The Spellbinding Life of Cora Bell

From the talented author of Whimsy and Woe comes a series about Cora, an orphan who could be magical! The final fight against magic… Cora Bell is racing against time. With Dot badly injured, Cora must face fearsome werewolves, gross beetle worms and a warlock in order to save her beloved guardian. But as questions […]