Animal Stories for Little Children

A beautifully illustrated story collection, perfect for young animal lovers. A delightful illustrated book of animal stories from around the world, specially selected and retold for younger children. Contains five classic stories: The Fox and the Tiger, Chicken Licken, How the Zebra Got His Stripes, The Greedy Dog, The Brave Little Hare.

I’m Not (Very) Afraid of Being Alone

A lyrical exploration of a little girl’s fear of being alone, with a gentle, reassuring conclusion. A little girl doesn’t like being left alone in a room in her house, even though her daddy is just in the next room. Told from the little girl’s perspective, the story explores a worry common to young children […]

The Travelling Bookshop (Book 1): Mim and the Baffling Bully

The right book might just change your life… Mim Cohen roams the world in a travelling bookshop, with her dad and brother and a horse called Flossy. Flossy leads them where she will, to the place where they’re needed most… the place where the perfect book will find its way home. Now Mim has arrived […]

Unipiggle (Book 3): Mermaid Mayhem

Loud, muddy and proud: introducing Unipiggle, the Unicorn Pig! Meet the princess who loves breaking the rules and her Royal Unicorn, who happens to be a pig! A madcap new adventure series for 6-8 year olds, perfectly bridging the gap from picture books to chapter books, from award-winning author-illustrator Hannah Shaw, filled with pictures in […]

The Rhyming Alphabet

A lively cast of characters from aardvarks to zebras decide to disrupt and rewrite an alphabet book to make it more fun. Rhyming text and appealing illustrations combine perfectly to bring the story of big blue bear, elegant eel, fabulous flamingo, snazzy snail and talented toucan to life as each animal claims its rightful place […]

Great Day for Up

Two beloved giants of children’s books – Dr. Seuss and Quentin Blake – come together for this joyous celebration of life. UP UP UP! Fill up the air. Up, flags! Balloons! UP! Everywhere! Join two of the most amazing talents in pictures books in this warm and wonderful rhyming tale about getting UP and celebrating […]

My Favourite Teachers

Teachers are all around us – it’s time to give them a gold star! The new bestseller from the creators of IF I WAS PRIME MINSTER. School teachers teach us all kinds of interesting stuff – like maths and science, and how to read and write. And then there are the other teachers in our […]

Monster Hunting for Beginners

Monstrously funny new middle grade adventure series, perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon, Charlie Changes into a Chicken, Mr Gum and Shrek! Monster Hunting isn’t as easy as it looks. And Jack should know. Because an ogre has just appeared in his garden and tried to eat his aunt. (She was the […]

Oh Monty!

Is Monty the most naughty, dastardly, immoral picture book character of the year? Monty is a good-for-nothing cat, who, instead of looking after his owner’s freshly baked cake, eats it all and then allows his fellow pet Tiddles to take all the blame. Twice. The stars of this book are Monty and Tiddles. The owner, […]