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New Australian Literature for Older Readers

New Australian Literature for Older Readers

Waiting for the Storks

Nannestad, Katrina
Published: 15/10/2022

The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding

Ringland, Holly
Published: 15/09/2022

Big Love

Blurton, Brooke
Published: 15/09/2022

The Girls Who Changed the World (Book 2): Ming and Marie Spy for Freedom

French, Jackie
Published: 15/07/2022

The Towers (Book 1): The Snow Laundry

Jakobsen, Mette
Published: 15/06/2022

The Comedienne’s Guide to Pride

Thomson, Hayli
Published: 01/06/2022

The Cult of Romance

Ayoub, Sarah
Published: 15/04/2022

Half My Luck

Kamaleddine, Samera
Published: 14/07/2021

100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze

Comber, Clayton Zane
Published: 15/05/2021