50 Things You Need to Know About Periods

Baker, Claire

We’re taught not to discuss periods in public. Instead we say it’s ‘that time of the month’ when ‘Aunt Flo is visiting’ and we’ve ‘got the painters in’. But the truth is that it can be bloody hard living in a body that bleeds once a month. Ever stuffed a tampon up your sleeve on your way to the office bathroom? Avoided eye contact with the cashier as you paid for your sanitary pads? Felt overwhelmed, exhausted and annoyed? Well, you are definitely not alone. It’s time we started speaking up about our menstrual cycles, and now everyone’s friendly neighbourhood period coach, Claire Baker, is here to start the conversation!

Talking you through her 50 best pieces of advice, Claire explains the ‘four seasons’ of our menstrual cycle and how they vary hormonally to affect everything from mood, motivation and memory, to energy levels, focus and stress. The advice is divided into five main areas – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Period Positive – all packed with straightforward science, cycle-syncing suggestions, frank and funny commentary and relatable real life advice that encourages you to experiment with a whole new way of living and bleeding.

Illustrated throughout, this simple and empowering book at once reassures, educates and amuses. It’s the perfect gift to remind someone you love – or yourself – to join the menstruation conversation, see ‘the curse’ as the superpower it can be and #AdoreYourCycle.