Book of the Future

Gatland, Kenneth/ Thompson, George/ Davies, Gordon/ Hadler, Terry/ Lewis, Brian/ Roffe, Michael

A re-issue of the much-loved classic 1979 book about future life and future technology.

First published in 1979, the Usborne Book of the Future is a fondly-remembered book from a time when people dreamed of the future as a place filled with wonder and amazing new technology. After more than 40 years of science fiction focussing on dystopias and doom, it’s time to remind readers young and old that, in fact, the Future is STILL a place that holds hope and excitement.

The book is built in three sections. The first explores all kinds of robots, the jobs they will do on land, sea and in space, and where they will get power from. The second is all about cities of the future, and how people will live, what new buildings they will build, how computers will change the world, and what people will do for fun. The final section is about the future of travel, from planes, trains and cars on Earth, to Space shuttles and journeys to colonise other planets.

This re-issued book retains the original text and stunning artwork, but now comes with a foreword by renowned BBC Futurologist Tom Cheesewright, who was inspired into his career by the original edition of the book. From outlining the internet to asteroid mines to 3D printers and robot helpers, you’ll be surprised by how accurately this book predicted life in the 21st Century.

Long out of print, copies of the original printing of this book fetch three figures on auction sites. Now at last people who remember this book from their childhood can find it again, and share it with the next generation, at normal bookshop prices!