Brown Girls

Palasi Andreades, Daphne

A breath-taking coming-of age novel about a group of young women of colour in Queens, New York – a tenderly observed, fiercely poetic love letter to brown girls everywhere.

If you really want to know, we are the colour of 7-Eleven root beer. Colour of the charcoal pencil our sisters use to rim their eyes. Colour of peanut butter.

This remarkable debut novel brings you deep into the lives of a group young women of colour growing up in Queens, New York. Here, streets echo with languages from all over the world, subways rumble above dollar stores and the briny scent of the ocean wafts from Rockaway Beach. Here, girls like Nadira, Gabby, Naz, Trish, Angelique, and many others, attempt to reconcile their immigrant backgrounds with the American culture they come-of-age in. Here, they become friends for life. Or so they vow.

In a uniquely lyrical voice, Brown Girls by Daphne Palasi Andreades paints a breath-taking collective portrait of the journey from girlhood to adulthood, against a backdrop of race, class, and marginalization in America today. Here is an unforgettable love letter to women of colour everywhere.