Hawkins, Kelli Anne

A funny and thrilling mystery from the author of The School for Talking Pets and Birdbrain.

There are some things about Seagull’s Nest that 11-year-old Skye Starling likes…
• Egg sandwiches (tick)
• Admiral Mittens (her cat) who’s always trying to get her attention (tick)
• Writing mystery stories about star detective Red Fox (tick)
• Spying on suspicious townsfolk with her new friend Bailey (tick)
• The Annual Squawk Awards (tick)

and there are some things she doesn’t like at all…
• Winston, the Mayor’s chicken (he pecks!) (cross)
• Her freshly finished novel being stolen (cross)
• The crimes in her novel happening in REAL LIFE! (cross)
• Everyone in the town acting suspiciously (cross)
• Being the only one who can find the real criminal! (cross cross cross!)

Will Skye uncover the crime wave culprit in time to save the town?