Danny Best (Book 4): Watch This!

Storer, Jen / Vane, Mitch

For fans of Funny Kid and Weirdo, comes the fourth hilarious book about a legend named Danny Best. Best by name, best by reputation …

Watch this!
Hang on.
Read this!
Seriously. You will be dazzled by EVERYTHING in this book.

The boy with the musical bum
Rampaging dead dinosaurs.
Freaked-out Ninjas in outer space.
And sooo much more!
Four new awesome stories from the genius who always, without fail, brings you The Best stories!

Fine print:
The publisher cannot bear to watch.
In fact, the publisher couldn’t even read this.
Yep, the publisher has left the building.


‘The Danny Best book is great! … I loved all the drawings throughout. My favourite part about this book was how he overexaggerated everything!’ – Lucas, age 11 on Danny Best: Me First!

‘If there’s a message in this book it’s this: kids like having fun when they read. Let them. A daft, diverting new series for kids 7 and up.’ – Readings on Danny Best: Full On!