Follow Your Dreams: 100 Inspiring and Extraordinary Jobs

Mengardon, Katherine

Discover 100 inspiring and extraordinary jobs in this illustrated book for kids!

Why not become a cat behaviourist?
Or a rollercoaster engineer?
How about a coral reef gardener?

Find out what’s involved in these incredible careers and meet the real people who followed their dreams and are doing these jobs today.

Whether you’re an animal lover, a planet protector, a maths marvel, an amazing artist, a born performer, or a sports fan – you’ll discover jaw-dropping jobs that put the WOW into the world of work!

The careers are arranged by interest, making the content engaging and easy to navigate, with exciting ‘jobs of the future’ in cutting-edge areas like AI and the environment.

This beautifully illustrated, inspiring book is an ideal gift for children aged 9+ to encourage creative thinking, big dreaming, and buckets of ambition.