Generaton Green

Gillibrand, Holly

From 16-year-old wild child and social media star Holly Gillibrand, this book is a radical call to rewild every aspect of our society – from the nature and cities that surround us, to the economy, education and our own everyday lives.

Rewilding usually applies to nature – returning it to its wild roots, but in this book Holly argues that we should return to the wild in terms of our cities (banishing cars, exploring on foot, making cities more green and using sustainable power), our economy (building a fair and more equal society, rejecting capitalism), education (getting outdoors, reconnecting with nature, and rewilding the child) and ourselves (getting away from screens, experiencing the outdoors, and spending more time with family and friends and less time with gadgets).

In this rule-breaking book, Holly lays down how we can make society more green, more fair and more contented, with methods to rewild every aspect of life, along with a vision of how this new society could develop. Holly also looks at the climate emergency from a young feminist and LGBTQI+ perspective, bringing a fresh slant to the subject.

Interspersing radical and practical calls to change the world with chapters that look to the future and how the world could embrace change, this is a groundbreaking new look at a greener future.