Geography for Beginners

Lacey, Minna/ Bryan, Lara/ Hull, Sarah/ Robins, Wesley

An introduction to geography, which is all about how the world affects people, and how people affect the world.

The world we live in is complex and constantly changing. It’s battered by weather, shaken by earthquakes, and mined, farmed and polluted by humans. This book helps readers understand these processes, make sense of our relationship with the planet, and find ways to change it for the better.

Geography is a HUGE subject area that deals with so much more than map-making, rocks, and town planning. This book unpicks how an awareness of geography helps people think about how important the world around us is, from the landscape we live on to the relationships between entire countries.

Part of the award-winning ‘for Beginners’ series, which explains big subjects to kids in late primary and early secondary education. Each book outlines what those subjects are about, which big questions experts are grappling with, and what jobs people who study them might go on to do.