Go Wild! Lemurs

National Geographic Kids

Bounce, climb, leap and slide with lemurs in this adorable introduction to these curious and energetic creatures.

Swing through the trees with ring-tailed lemurs to search for juicy fruits, then cuddle up with a troop for a snooze. Check out the timeline to learn how baby lemurs grow up, then follow along as they jump and play through the forests, marshes and stony mountains where they live in the wild. Kids will fall in love with these fascinating creatures, from tiny mouse lemurs and indri to loud ruffed lemurs and bug-eyes aye-ayes. Along with exploring adorable photos, kids will read about: where lemurs live; what lemurs eat; how different lemurs are similar and different; how they use their bodies to move; all about life in a lemur troop.

Filled with fun facts, awesome photos, games and activities that will inspire kids to care about these amazing animals.