If Our World Were 100 Days

McCann, Jackie/ Cushley, Aaron

A thought-provoking way of looking at world history and our place within it.

About 10,000 years ago marks a major turning point in the history of life on Earth for humankind as people settled down and built towns and cities. Importantly, during this period, they began to record their activities and achievements.

But 10,000 years ago is difficult to imagine – what if our calendar were condensed into just 100 days, where each day equals 100 years?

How many days ago were the first cities built? When did the population explosion happen? When did we decide to write things down and when did books appear? Did writing change the way we share ideas? When was the wheel invented and was it used for transport? How did this simple tool transform the way we live? How have clothes changed and have they changed for the better? Has the way we treat ailments changed much?

This book asks questions big and small, leaving readers wondering if all the changes have been for the better, and what does it mean for our future.