In Plain Sight

Coulthart, Ross

UFOs. UAPs. Flying cigars. X-Files. An award-winning investigative journalist sets out to discover why everyone’s talking about ‘it’ again, whether there IS something out there and, if so, what…

Award-winning journalist Ross Coulthart has been fascinated by the phenomena known as UFOs since he was 16. But for decades, UFOlogy has been considered the realm of crackpots and conspiracy theorists. However, thanks to recent events and Netflix’s most-watched documentary, everyone is talking about it again, inspiring this five-time Walkley Award winning journalist to apply his rigorous investigative skills to the subject to sort myth from reality.

Where this particular wormhole will lead is anyone’s guess, but the result will be a cracker of a read – mind-blowing, bizarre, hair-raising in parts, but always fascinating.