Incredible Golf Stories

Gifford, Clive/ Andrade, Lu

Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to the sport, prepare to be amazed by this fun-filled book of stories, facts and stats from the world of golf.

With over 80 million fans worldwide, golf is a fast-growing sport among grown-ups AND kids!

Did you know that…
You can only compete in the annual Kris Kringle Open in the USA if you’re dressed as Santa Claus.
In Japan, a player who makes a hole-in-one is expected to host a party and buy gifts for their competitors!
Golf has been around for centuries. In 1457 it was banned in Scotland by King James II because it was distracting people from practising archery.

Wherever YOU are on your golf journey, you’ll love these fascinating stories, introducing golf’s greatest heroes, inspiring episodes and the silliest, most surprising moments from this incredible sport.

Packed with facts and stats, player profiles, a players guide, glossary and quiz.

Written by the king of sports writing, and golfing enthusiast, Clive Gifford – with illustrations from talented Ecuadorian illustrator Lu Andrade, a contributor to the Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls series.