Land of the Snake People

Trezise, Percy

Jadianta, Lande and Jalmor are three children of the Kadimakara People who were caught in a storm and stranded across the great lake, Balanorga. Now they are trying to find their way home and in this part of the series, they are in the Land of the Snake People.

Lande, the two Emu girls, and Wongabel of the Woomera people escape from the Snake Men, but now need to safely cross the Pungalunga lands. The Emu people have warned that the Pungalunga people are cannibals, so Jadianta sets about making a bullroarer with a local healer, in an attempt to scare them off. this journey shows what a courageous leader Jadianta is, and again highlights the cleverness of Lasca the Dingo.