Yeo-sun, Kwon

Focusing on the unsolved murder of teenage girl, this literary crime novel offers insights into gender, class and privilege in Seoul, and marks the English-language debut for award-winning Korean author, Kwon Yeo-sun.

THE SISTER: In the summer of 2002, my big sister Hae-on was murdered. She was beautiful, intelligent, and only nineteen years old. Two boys were questioned, but the case was never solved. Her killer still walks free.

THE CLASSMATE: In the summer of 2002, my classmate Hae-on was murdered. She was haughty, spoilt, a typical rich kid. But she didn’t deserve to die. Even now, years later, I can’t stop thinking about her. Who would do such a thing?

THE FRIEND: In the summer of 2002, my friend Hae-on was murdered. The culprit was never found, but I think I know who did it…

At once a gripping crime story and a fascinating dissection of class, gender and privilege in contemporary Korea, Lemon is the must-read novel of 2021.