Little Experts: Amazing Bodies

Ronx, Dr/ Attzs, Ashton

Inspired by the incredible human body? Take a tour with award-winning trans non-binary emergency doctor and TV presenter DR RONX – from spongy brains to gooey guts and everything in between.

Our EXPERTS are famous for their incredible know-how and passion for their subjects, and now they have made it their mission to share that knowledge with you in LITTLE EXPERTS: the inspirational new non-fiction series for six- to nine-year-olds.

This jaw-dropping non-fiction journey has colourful, engaging and inclusive artwork throughout by Ashton Attzs.

Little Experts is an unmissable series that will empower and inspire a new generation of experts.

Dr Ronx is an award-winning trans non-binary emergency doctor, TV presenter and loveable loudmouth with an unwavering desire to be the representation that young people need to see more of.