McCartney, Tania

To us she is May Gibbs, creator of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. But to her family, she was known as ‘Mamie’.

In a land far away, where fairies and pixies and elves live deep in the woods, a little girl is born. Her family call her Mamie. Mamie loves to sing, dance and paint with her magical friends. Her days are like a modern-day fairy tale. But when her family moves to the bottom of the world, Mamie’s life is turned upside down. From green fields drenched with rain to hot skies and dusty plains, will she ever find new fairy friends in this strange and beautiful land?

From the talented Tania McCartney comes an exquisite book that celebrates the life of renowned children’s author and illustrator, May Gibbs.


‘The story merges the real world with imagination … illustrations are bright and cheerful, and present a landscape packed with nature, imaginary creatures and hidden adventure.’ – Kids’ Book Review

‘Young readers will no doubt be inspired … Parents and grandparents who grew up with Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and the Gumnut Babies will reminisce over McCartney’s skilful gumnut illustrations’ – Books+Publishing

‘Mamie is not only a beauty to behold, but a book to treasure … a sweet story with a massive heart, that captures an icon’ – The Never Ending Bookshelf

‘… vibrant illustrations that lovingly capture the essence of May Gibbs as a little girl and celebrate the power of imagination. Mamie is one of my favourite books this year!’ – Wild About Books