Millie Mak the Maker (Book 1)

Pung, Alice/ Ng, Sher Rill

The first book in a series about Millie Mak, who is a maker. And a clever one too, as out of recycled materials she creates beautiful and also useful things.

Nine-year-old Millie Mak has discovered that she has a superpower: she can take everyday objects and turn them into something new, beautiful and useful.

Who would ever think that a sunhat could be made from an old bedsheet, a skirt from a tea towel, or some hair scrunchies from a scarf?

Join Millie and her friends in this joyful and timely series about true friendship and creativity.

Like Millie, you can make the special objects that she creates. And, best of all, nothing needs to be bought!

An inspiring series for young and old makers everywhere, by the award-winning author-illustrator team Alice Pung and Sher Rill Ng.