Minecraft Ironsword Academy (Book 1): Ready. Set. Respawn!

Mojang AB/ Huett, Caleb Zane/ Batson, Alan/ Hill, Chris

Embark on a thrilling new adventure set in the world of Minecraft, where danger lurks at every turn, and our heroes must protect the Minecraft server from being shut down forever.

Following the events of the Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles and the Minecraft Stonesword Saga series, the Evoker King has evolved into the Evoker Kid, a total noob who wants to experience everything the world of Minecraft has to offer. Unfortunately, he walks into danger at every turn, so it’s up to Morgan, Harper, and their friends to keep him safe.

But even more unfortunately in the real world, they’ve all been sent to Ironsword Academy Middle School for the remainder of the school year. Now they’re all noobs who will have to navigate the strange new school’s hallways, try to make friends with new kids and avoid a principal who would like nothing better than to shut down their video game time.

Can they get the Evoker Kid to a safe destination before someone pulls the plug on their Minecraft server… permanently?!

Don’t miss this action-packed chapter book series perfect for readers 6 to 9 and Minecraft fans of all ages!