Mr Bear Branches and the Cloud Conundrum

Baynton, Terri Rose

Join Mr Bear Branches and his best friend, Lintfrey Longfellow, as they explore the wondrous world around them.

Lintfrey Longfellow would love nothing more than to sit among the clouds … but, sadly, clouds just aren’t made for sitting on. Can Mr Bear Branches find a solution to Lintfrey’s cloud conundrum?

A charming picture book about two lovable new characters who are the very best of friends. Ages: 4+

‘This ad-orable picture book isn’t just for little angels – older girls will love it as well.’ FOUR STARS LITTLE ANGELS
‘Terri Rose Baynton has revealed her own distinctive style in this, her first picture book. It is very reminiscent of the very early picture books with its sepia toned background, black pen outlines and restricted palette of just red and shades of brown for some fill-in. The text font is unconventional yet complements the whimiscal theme of dreams, coupled with a sense of enduring friendship between these two disparate characters.’ MAGPIES