My Real Friend

Hunt, David / Masciullo, Lucia


Rupert isn’t real, but he has a real friend, William. They both love sport, painting and music and have amazing adventures together in William’s imagination.

But why can’t they have the adventures that Rupert wants? And what will happen if William no longer wants an imaginary friend?

A heartwarming story of friendship, identity and the power of imagination from bestselling author David Hunt and award-winning illustrator Lucia Masciullo.


‘… With its clever text and expressive illustrations this is a quality book. The contrast between the friends and their lifestyles is hilarious and the pictures of their respective families are a delight. Hunt has made Rupert real as he addresses the reader directly and his comments are unintentionally humorous as he complains about the roles he has to assume. His sudden rejection by William still comes as a shock and the illustration of William with his new, real friend shows a Rupert shadow attached to the new friend’s skateboard.

‘Mascuillo’s use of collage (including pieces of music and cuttings in foreign languages) is intriguing and Rupert is an endearing creation, especially in his roles as the Black Knight and a teapot. His expressions are a joy to behold and his longing to be real brilliantly conveyed. There is so much illustrative detail on each page that there is a lot for young readers to explore and enjoy. The joys and sadness that accompany friendships are conveyed through Rupert’s increasingly wistful expressions and the change in the narrative from first person to third person. The power of a child ‘s imagination is well depicted as the reader is drawn into William’s world. This is a heartwarming celebration of friendship, with all its highs and lows. Best of all, this book is fun to read and should provoke lots of discussion. Recommended.’ – Magpies magazine