Next Level Games Review 2023

Take it to the next level! Bursting with the biggest games, latest trends, and hottest news, Next Level Games Review 2023 is the ultimate annual gaming guide.

Inside you’ll discover a recap of the last twelve months in gaming and a preview of what’s coming soon, plus an exclusive intro written by YouTube, TV and radio presenter Julia Hardy.

Catch up on all the eSports news, become an MMO champion, read fascinating trivia, get the inside take from gaming experts, learn about the exciting new Steam Deck, check out new indie adventures, and find out surprising stats and entertaining facts on over 200 games.

Whether you want to relive the action in Deathloop, get a head start in Switch Sports, explore new Minecraft biomes, join the Guardians of the Galaxy aboard the Milano, catch new Diamond and Pearl Pokémon, build your Ultimate Team in FIFA or return to The Lands Between in Elden Ring, this guide is a game-changer!