Oh Monty!

Gregory, Nici/ Lloyd, Susannah

Is Monty the most naughty, dastardly, immoral picture book character of the year?

Monty is a good-for-nothing cat, who, instead of looking after his owner’s freshly baked cake, eats it all and then allows his fellow pet Tiddles to take all the blame. Twice.

The stars of this book are Monty and Tiddles. The owner, in true Tom and Jerry style, is only seen from the arms down.

The story may have a naughty character who gets away with his crime, but it will prompt lots of chat between children and adults as to the rights and wrongs of the situation. Should Monty get away with it? Should Tiddles be a stronger character and speak up? Is it all the owner’s fault for putting temptation in Monty’s way, for being a poor judge of character and for having a favourite pet?

But as well as discussion, it will also prompt riotous laughter – it’s a brilliantly funny book, and Nici Gregory’s illustrations bring the dastardly Monty and gentle Tiddles brilliantly to life!