Pick a Story: A Dragon Mermaid Superhero Adventure

Coyle, Sarah

The third book in a brilliant new series of ‘pick your own’ picture book adventures!

Do you love dragons? How about mermaids? And superheroes?

Find them ALL in the pages of this laugh-out-loud interactive adventure!

Davy is on his way to school to show his teacher the AMAZING picture he has drawn for Show and Tell. It’s probably the best thing he has ever drawn, ever ever EVER. But all of a sudden, whoa, the picture has DISAPPEARED. Davy needs YOUR help to find it!

Has the picture been taken by dragons?
Or pinched by mermaids?
Has it been pilfered by a superhero?
It’s up to YOU to decide!

Discover not one but THREE fun-filled worlds in this PICK A STORY adventure. You’ll find twists and turns, hilarious characters… and decisions to make on every page. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and join the fun!