Race for Tomorrow

Mundy, Simon

Climate change isn’t just transforming our physical environment, it’s permanently shifting the landscape of energy, farming, technology and business. It’s eroding ancient ways of life, shaking up global finance and driving a historic new wave of mass migration. In this extraordinary journey across twenty-six countries, Simon Mundy gives deep insight into the most perilous challenges facing us – and how humanity is responding.

Which business leaders are vying to master clean energy, fake meat and catastrophe insurance?

What measures might save Venice, Lagos and Bangladesh from going underwater?

How are scientists in India developing crops to withstand changing conditions?

Who are the entrepreneurs sucking CO2 out of the air and funnelling hydropower underground?

Where are thousand-year-old practices, lifestyles and natural wonders being erased?

When will the worst dangers land on our own doorstep?

Grappling with the challenges that will define our future and meeting the people most urgently embroiled, this is an account of disaster, of promise, of adaptation, of hope, of survival and of relentless, remarkable innovation.