Red Dirt Diaries (Book 1): Red Dirt Diary

Nannestad, Katrina

The hilarious, madcap diary of eleven-year-old Blue Weston, during a year filled with pig chariots, leech attacks, dust storms and drought.

Blue Weston’s life is spiralling out of control.

Her parents are sending her to boarding school next year.

Her mad twin brothers are building pig chariots in the back shed.

Her best friend has been abducted by zombies and replaced with a boy-crazy tween.

And then there’s the drought that’s showing no signs of ending soon…

It’s New Year’s Day, and Blue has resolved to keep a diary of the year’s events. It will be another hard year of dust storms and drought on her family’s farm – with the odd leech attack and bagpipe-loving pig thrown in for good measure!