Rhyming 123

Brooks, Felicity/ Lucas, Gareth

A fabulous read-aloud story that encourages counting to ten – and back again.

“Oh, ONE can be fun. ONE Bun, ONE sun, ONE tree. You see? Just me.
Ah, TWO. Yahoo! That’s me AND you – a couple, a pair. Let’s share!”

So begins a lively rhyming story that follows ONE little bunny’s attempts to host a fun birthday picnic as her friends fox, penguin, bear, tiger, sloth, toucan, dinosaur and giraffe arrive one by one to swell the numbers to NINE. But it is guest number TEN, a skunk with a rather unusual perfume, who causes most problems, prompting each animal to make its excuses and leave. Nevertheless, it is the skunk who turns out to be the best of the bunch and in more ways than one.

Rhyming text and appealing illustrations combine perfectly to help consolidate counting up to ten and back again, also gently reinforcing the early numeracy concepts of one more and one less.