Snake’s Big Mistake

Kurpiel, Sarah

Snake loves art class – until his project is a disaster, and he makes a terrible mistake that hurts a friend. How will Snake fix his mistake?

Acclaimed author-artist Sarah Kurpiel’s Snake’s Big Mistake is a picture book about art, friendship, apologizing, and forgiveness, for readers of The Rabbit Listened and The Book of Mistakes.

For weeks, Snake has looked forward to sculpting the most spectacular clay pot in art class. But when his pot breaks and his teacher confuses Snake’s pot with Turtle’s, Snake takes home Turtle’s masterpiece to show his family and pretends that he made it. Now, Snake will have to craft a way to repair a broken pot and a broken friendship.

Combining a sensitive, thoughtful text and irresistible illustrations, acclaimed author-illustrator Sarah Kurpiel centers emotions that young readers can easily identify with, such as anxiety, guilt, regret, and embarrassment. Snake’s Big Mistake – a companion to Elephant’s Big Solo – is an excellent choice for social and emotional learning, as well as story-time sharing.