Sofa Surfer

Duffy, Malcolm

Written with humour and heart, Sofa Surfer looks at what it means to be homeless.

15-year-old Tyler’s teenage angst turns to outright rebellion when his family leave London for a new life in Yorkshire. He’s angry with his parents about the upheaval and furious at losing his home. With only the dog to confide in, Tyler has no idea that a chance meeting with a skinny girl called Spider will lead him into a world he never even knew existed. Spider is living on the streets and Tyler finds himself spinning a tangled web of lies in his efforts to help her escape from this dark and dangerous place.

Sofa Surfer shows how empathy and action can help those sleeping rough. As with his widely praised debut Me Mam. Me Dad. Me., Malcolm Duffy finds humour and heart even in dire situations. Relevant, warm and rewarding Sofa Surfer is about what happens when going home isn’t an option.