Songs of Magic (Book 3): A Thunder of Monsters

Patrick, S.A.

For fans of How to Train Your Dragon and The Hobbit the sizzling, magical fantasy adventure that began with A Darkness of Dragons reaches a thunderous end… RETURN TO A WORLD OF DRAGONS, SONG-SPELLS, PIPERS AND BATTLES…

Patch Brightwater and his friend Barver, the dracogriff, are trapped on a mysterious island full of monstrous beasts. Their shapeshifting friend, Wren, is being held prisoner by the Piper of Hamelyn, but she’s working hard to escape.

Clad in his suit of magical black armour and with dragons and a growing army on his side, the Piper of Hamelyn seems destined to bring chaos and destruction down on the world. Can anything stop him?

Three accidental heroes versus one legendary villain…the epic adventure that began with A Darkness of Dragons comes to a thunderous end.