Speaking in Tongues

Tilley, Tom

When you no longer believe in eternity, every moment counts – a memoir of growing up in a religious sect.
Tom Tilley grew up in a Pentecostal sect obsessed with the bizarre spiritual practice of speaking in tongues. But the older he became, the less it made sense. And worse, the church group he was raised in – the only world he’d ever known – had begun to feel like a cult. The church was steeped in secrecy and guilt, with harsh punishments handed out for any mistake deemed an offence by its fundamentalist leader, a man both charismatic and cruel.
As Tom’s doubts grew he was forced to confront the truth. Had God really made him speak in tongues? Was there even a God at all? And why did his family submit him to this kind of upbringing in the first place? Even daring to ask those questions came at a huge personal cost, leading to a decision that would take his family to breaking point. What happened next is surprising, and Tom’s journey to independence will inspire readers to ask themselves what is true, what is right and can there ever be only one answer?