Moloney, James

Second in a new fantasy series from the author of the BOOK OF LIES series. The much-anticipated sequel from the bestselling author of SILVERMAY.

When Silvermay first set eyes on Tamlyn Strongbow, she knew there would be no other for her. It didn’t matter that he was one of the Wyrdborn, a race of wizards who care only for themselves. It is half a year later and Silvermay has followed Tamlyn through dangers no sixteen-year-old should face. Now she must help him defeat the darkness of his own soul, because Tamlyn wants revenge for a great wrong and the evil he has so far controlled may prove too strong. Meanwhile, Tamlyn’s father, Coyle, is on the rise. He has possession of Silvermay’s other love, the baby Lucien, an innocent child to her, but with the magic inside him to destroy entire worlds. Tamlyn is the key. If Silvermay can save Tamlyn from himself, then together, they might save Lucien from the horror Coyle wants to inflict on him.

Praise for SILVERMAY, winner of the 2011 Gold Inky:
‘I was totally hooked … this is a book that fantasy readers will lap up’ READPLUS.COM.AU
‘you know immediately after the first few paragraphs that here is a master wordsmith … the lexicon and the lore Moloney has created for his fantasy world are both rich and plausible’ THE SATURDAY AGE
‘a gripping tale’ MAGPIES ‘[Moloney] writes intelligent fantasies that cross the bridge between young-adult and adult fiction’ Four-star review, AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER+PUBLISHER l