The Dog Who Loved a Queen

French, Jackie

Book 2 in the Animal Stars series – where history comes alive through the eyes of special animals.

To outsiders, Mary is a queen and a threat, but to her devoted dog Folly, she is his world. To the world outside her luxurious prison, Mary Queen of Scots was either a shameless beauty who killed her husband, or the rightful Queen of England and Scotland, tragically held captive by Elizabeth I. But to the dog who loved her, Mary was simply his mistress, and the centre of his world.

While Mary desperately plotted to seize both her freedom and the throne, her dog Folly’s world is one of chasing mice behind the tapestries and enjoying turkey legs with quinces for supper. Until the day comes when they try to take his Queen away …

Based on the true story of the dog who was with Mary when she died, The Dog Who Loved a Queen is a fascinating tale of religious bigotry, plots and passion – and the unquestioning loyalty of a small Scottish terrier.