The Girls Who Changed the World (Book 1): Ming and Flo Fight for the Future

French, Jackie

An empowering and exhilarating look at the girls who went before us, and the way they shaped the world.

Twelve-year-old Ming Qong is convinced that girls must have changed the world, even if they are rarely mentioned in history books.

So when Ming gets the chance to go back in time she imagines herself changing destinies from a glittering palace or explorer’s ship, but instead, she ends up in Australia in 1898, living a tough life as Flo Watson on a drought-stricken farm.

Luckily, Ming is rescued by Flo’s Aunt McTavish, from Sydney. Wealthy Aunt McTavish belongs to Louisa Lawson’s Suffragist Society who are fighting for women’s rights and a new nation to be created by all the colonies joining together. But NSW has refused to join! Ming is determined become involved; to make a difference. That’s why she wanted to travel back in time, after all!

Change is never easy, so how can one girl change the world?

From one of Australia’s favourite writers comes a timely new series for all young people who will change the world.