The Light Thieves and the Search for the Black Mirror (Book 2)

Duggan, Helena

The second adventure in the gripping and mysterious eco-adventure series The Light Thieves from Helena Duggan, bestselling author of A Place Called Perfect.

The energy from the sun is being stolen. It’s a catastrophe for the planet and every living thing on it! Friends Grian, Jeffrey and Shelli are desperately trying to work out how it’s happening. But they know tech genius Howard Hansom is somehow behind the theft. So they must not use any of Hansom’s smart technology because it will track them wherever they go.

The three young heroes need to find a strange black mirror to help with their mission. But time is running out and the world is getting darker…

‘The Light Thieves is a feast of fun, fiction, fantasy and fear. Opens with a bang and never lets up until the last page. I loved it.’ – Eoin Colfer