The New Rulebook

Cheers, Chris

A practical, inclusive guide to life from Instagram’s favourite psychologist Chris Cheers.

Take a moment and check in with how you’ve been feeling lately. Maybe a little tired, stressed or burnt out? All the recent upheaval and uncertainty has left many of us not only feeling exhausted, but also questioning who we are and what we want from life. Yet instead of taking the necessary time to process and answer these important questions, many of us are feeling pressured to just get back to ‘normal’. But what if we want better than normal? The world has changed – we have changed – so when it comes to caring for our wellbeing, it’s clear we need new rules.

The New Rulebook is a practical, game-changing guide to embracing that uncertainty. It compassionately asks you to re-examine five key areas: self-care, emotions, work, body and love (all the big stuff!), and then offers radical, evidence-based solutions to improve your wellbeing. Led not by expectation, but by what you need. The rulebook for life has been thrown out the window over the last few years. Rather than picking it back up, let’s write a new one.

‘A must-read for anyone who’s overwhelmed by the increasing uncertainty of the world.’ Osher Günsberg

‘Chris Cheers has a way of explaining the world and how we live that will make real changes to our future.’ Jacinta Parsons, ABC Radio Melbourne

‘This is a book you’ll want to return to – again and again – every time things get tough.’ Benjamin Law

‘The practical tips he provides leave the reader with no excuse but to set those boundaries and start living in alignment.’ Jessica Sanders, social worker and bestselling author of Me Time

‘At a time of great upheaval and uncertainty, The New Rulebook is the anchor we need to pull us back to shore and live a calmer, more meaningful life.’ Jill Stark, mental health advocate and bestselling author of High Sobriety