The Queen is Dead

Grant, Stan

From Stan Grant, leading journalist and author of the critically acclaimed national bestsellers Talking to My Country, Australia Day and With the Falling of the Dusk, comes a powerful call to action.

‘History is not weighted on the scales, it is felt in our bones. It is worn on our skin. It is scarred in memory.’

From one of our most respected and award-winning journalists, Stan Grant, The Queen is Dead is a searing, viscerally powerful, emotionally unstoppable, pull-no-punches book on the bitter legacy of colonialism for indigenous people. It is a full-throated, impassioned argument on the necessity for an end to monarchy in Australia, the need for a Republic, and what needs to be done – through the Voice to Parliament and beyond – to address and redress the pain and sorrow and humiliations of the past.

The Queen is Dead carries an urgent, timely, undeniable and righteous demand for justice, and a just settlement with First Nations people.