The Temptation of Magic

Scott, Megan

Serpent and Dove meets A Discovery of Witches in this magical, forbidden romance debut.

He was an Empyreal, her greatest threat, her greatest fascination. Everything she’d been warned against. And yet she wanted him, still.

Nicole Palmer’s secret powers are invaluable. As an Empyreal, she harbours the ability to destroy dangerous creatures, an ability The Wake – a shadowy organisation that governs all supernatural creatures – will stop at no lengths to weaponize. Dormant for now, Nicole knows if her powers were to be triggered she’d suffer the same deadly fate as her mother.

To stay safe from The Wake and find a final encoded message from her mother, Nicole secures a role researching the supernatural art collection at the local Cornish manor. But when Kyan McCarter, The Wake’s most skilled Empyreal and perhaps Nicole’s greatest enemy, is stationed there to track a deadly creature, they are forced to work together to stop a painting falling into the wrong hands.

As their hunt for the creature progresses, it threatens to expose Nicole’s powers, and her tenuous alliance with Kyan begins to threaten her heart. If Nicole’s true identity is revealed, Kyan will hunt her next. No one disobeys The Wake and survives. Especially when the art they’re seeking could hold the key to a conspiracy that would change the lives of creatures and humans forever…