The Unfortunates

Chukwu, J K

A darkly comic debut from a sensational and wholly original new voice in fiction

Dear Reader,
It has come to my attention that smoking kills, along with police, loner white boys, and looks. While embroiled in the process of trying to live, I have written this honors thesis1. It2 is dedicated to the first years who haven’t yet died from alcohol poisoning, exhaustion, or overdosing. This work has been a labor of love and of hate. In it, you will find juxtaposition, verisimilitude, French, Freud, and anything else I’ve wasted 60K a year to learn.
I would like to thank my advisors: Mr. White Supremacy, Mr. Capitalism, Ms. Racism, and, of course, my Life Partner3 for all the guidance they have provided during this process.

Set in the mind of a young Black woman who is losing it, THE UNFORTUNATES is a darkly funny debut about the realities of elitist institutions from an exceptional new writer.

[1] Ma lettre d’adieu.
[2] When writing an honors thesis, you can get away with vague antecedents.
[3] My depression