The World Between Blinks (Book 2): Rebellion of the Lost

Kaufman, Amie/ Graudin, Ryan

Return to the magical world where lost things are found.

After Jake and Marisol’s last adventure in the World Between Blinks, the cousins are safely back where they belong.

Until, suddenly, they’re not.

When they return unexpectedly to the World once more, Jake and Marisol find that nothing is as they left it. The Administrator is on an unstoppable mission, ordering his Curators to catalogue absolutely everyone and everything, as if they’re exhibits in a museum.

With rebels like Amelia Earhart and Queen Nefertiti facing the threat of their hourglasses of memories being flipped, Jake and Marisol, along with Marisol’s big brother, Victor, must locate a mysterious item known as The Rocket. This unknown object is their only chance to defeat the Administrator – before everything that makes the World wonderful is lost, in a whole new way…

In this thrilling sequel to The World Between Blinks, readers will find another fantastical adventure full of twists and turns from bestselling and award-winning authors Amie Kaufman and Ryan Graudin.