We’re Going Places

Jackson, Mick/ Broadley, John

This book is all about the journey: more important than the destination.

When you’re very young
you’re almost always carried
or pushed in a buggy.
You never go very far on your own.
But then, quite slowly,
you learn to roll
and crawl
and wobble-walk
and things really start to change.

The winding, lyrical text follows a child’s growth through travel – from crawling to walking, skating to biking and then on to trains, boats and planes. It sparks conversations about their favourite places and how they get there.

Discover more unusual journeys, like the journeys of animals. Reflect on the run of the rabbit, the flight of the bird and the tunnel of the mole. Every minute tiny journeys are going on around you. Think of the path of a bumblebee or a drop of rain on a window.

Mick Jackson’s poetic prose and John Broadley’s detailed and unique illustrations make this another special book to read again and again, and treasure for years to come.