You Are Not a Before Picture

An urgent, enlightening and empowering guide to disavowing diet culture and learning to make peace with our bodies, from body confidence and anti-diet advocate, Alex Light. When we look in the mirror, so many of us see a ‘before’ picture: the miserable person in the side-by-side shot waiting for the ‘glow-up’ (read: weight loss) that […]

Meet Me in the Middle

Fans of Jennifer Dugan and Laura Taylor Namey will fall in love with this latest YA romance by Wattpad superstar Alex Light, author of The Upside of Falling. Eden had her best friend Katie – she didn’t need anyone else. But then there was Truman. Katie’s older brother, the artist. The recluse. The boy with […]

Got Your Nose!

This hilarious new picture book by New York Times bestselling author Alan Katz and Unicorns Are the Worst creator Alex Willan imagines what happens when a good-natured game of “got your nose” goes too far – and one little girl’s nose runs free. Becky loves Grandpa Max. When he visits, they have a lot of […]

I Did See a Mammoth!

A prehistoric mammoth comes dancing, swimming and SKATEBOARDING back to life in this hilarious picture book! Welcome to the Antarctic, where an intrepid bunch of explorers is making an in-depth study of penguins. Penguins. Penguins. Penguins. So many penguins… But one young explorer has discovered something different. Something totally wild, spectacularly cool and quite a […]

My Heart & Other Breakables

The hilarious and deeply moving diary novel from bestselling author Alex Barclay – this might just be the funniest book ever to make you cry your eyes out. This is the diary of me, Ellery Brown, aged fifteen and a half. I’m supposed to use it to record my feelings about my mum, since she […]

The Young Alexander

In brilliant biography, Alex Rowson offers an astonishing new account of Alexander the Great – one of the most important figures of the ancient world, but whose earlier years have until now been a mystery. Alexander the Great conquered land from Macedonia to Egypt to India, known now both for his accomplishments and his precocity […]

The Humiliations of Welton Blake

Welton Blake has done it! He’s asked out Carmella McKenzie – the best-looking girl in school – and she’s only gone and said yes! But just as he thinks his luck is starting to change, Welton’s phone breaks, kick-starting a series of unfortunate and humiliating events. With bullies to avoid, girls ready to knock him […]

Lift-the-Flap Engineering

A stylish introduction to the vast world of engineering – what it is, how it works, and how many different jobs it involves, from robotics and coding to earthquake-proof towers to medical innovation. Flaps on each page reveal insights into the challenges and solutions to various engineering goals.

Kerb Stain Boys

A sharp, witty and heartfelt tale of the ups and downs of teenage life from multi-award-winning Alex Wheatle. Life on the Crongton estate can be rough for Briggy. Dad’s lost his job, Mum’s working so hard to make ends meet, and big brother Kingsley just wants out. With all of the shouting and arguing it’s […]