The Riddles of the Sphinx

Combining the soul-baring confessional of Brain on Fire and the addictive storytelling of The Queen’s Gambit, a renowned puzzle creator’s compulsively readable memoir and history of the crossword puzzle as an unexpected site of women’s work and feminist protest. The indisputable “queen of crosswords,” Anna Shechtman published her first New York Times puzzle at age […]

Pages & Co. (Book 6) : The Last Bookwanderer

The Pages and Co. series comes to a thrilling end in this perfect final instalment. When Tilly, Oskar, Milo and Alessia venture into Arthurian legend to find the first bookwanderer – the wizard Merlin – they discover that everything they thought they knew about bookwandering might be wrong. Working together to figure out how to […]

Bravo, Avocado!

Avocado longs to be Today’s Special in this vibrant, pun-filled picture book by Chana Stiefel and Anna Süßbauer about self-discovery and the value of uplifting your friends. Avocado wants to stand out, but nothing seems to be working. With the help of her friends, she self-reflects and discovers that all along she was special. This […]

Peep Inside The Deep Ocean

Lift flaps and peep through holes to discover amazing creatures in the deep oceans. Dive down with a submersible to discover the mysteries of the ocean. Oceans cover most of our planet, and yet most of the depths remain unexplored. This book takes you deep down to find light-up jellyfish, diving whales, giant squid and […]

A Fairytale for Everyone

The inclusive LGBTQ+ fairytale collection that has grabbed headlines across the world! Powerful princesses that slay giants, and beautiful princes that find true love. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes in these tales of old and new. Celebrating a multitude of ethnicities, genders and sexualities, this sparkling collection of 17 short stories takes new […]

Pages & Co. (Book 5): The Treehouse Library

The fifth and penultimate book in the bestselling bookwandering series for readers aged eight to twelve. As Tilly and Milo hurtle towards their final showdown with the Alchemist, the stakes are higher than ever – though there is always time for hot chocolate! Milo Bolt is ready to be the hero of his own story. […]

I’m (Almost) Never Bored

A wonderful story about a BORED little girl, deprived of screen time, who learns to have fun with her imagination ‘I’m BORED!’ wails a little girl after her screen time is cut short. ‘That’s great!’ her dad says with a grin. ‘Being bored comes right before having a Really Good Idea.’ After an initial protest, […]

Pages & Co. (Book 4): The Book Smugglers

Fourth in the modern-classic and bestselling bookwandering series for ages eight to twelve that celebrates all that is best in life: books, adventure, friendship – and cake. Milo lives on board the Sesquipedalian, or ‘Quip’ – a magical train that uses the power of imagination to travel through both Story and the real world. The […]

Three Mothers

In her groundbreaking and essential debut Three Mothers, Anna Malaika Tubbs celebrates Black motherhood by telling the story of the three women who raised and shaped some of America’s most pivotal heroes: Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin. Much has been written about Berdis Baldwin’s son James, about Alberta King’s son Martin […]