How to Be a Friend

A third picture book from dynamite pairing, Sarah Ayoub and Mimi Purnell. Do you know what it takes to be a friend, someone on whom someone else depends? Just a few ingredients, tips and tricks, Make the perfect friendship mix! A lyrical story with heartfelt ideas about what it means to be a good friend […]

Nice and Slow

The perfect book for families who all need a slow day every now and then… Let’s take today nice and slow, have a break from the go-go-go. We can lounge about and rediscover what we love about each other. From the team that brought us The Love That Grew, comes an antidote to the busyness […]

The Cult of Romance

When your bestie is marrying a guy she barely knows, can you save her from the cult before it’s too late? Natalie is living proof that love is a scam. She’s traumatised by her parents’ failed marriage and overwhelmed by her grandmother’s expectations of good Lebanese girls — marriage, motherhood and exceptional tabouli-making skills. When […]

The Love That Grew

The perfect book for growing families everywhere… I thought I could not love another, not a sister, nor a brother. But just like magic, my love then grew when I was blessed with more of you. From bestselling author Sarah Ayoub and debut illustrator Mimi Purnell comes an ode to the heart-expanding love that swells […]

The Yearbook Committee

SMART, FUNNY AND RELEVANT’ – Melina Marchetta, bestselling author Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca Five teenagers. Five lives. One final year. The school captain: Ryan has it all … or at least he did, until an accident snatched his dreams away. How will he rebuild his life and what does the future hold for […]

Hate is Such a Strong Word

Finally a book that tackles the big issues – and the ones all girls face (frizzy hair, formal dates, and what to do about that boy).’ – Sarah Tarca, Editor of Girlfriend Seventeen-year-old Sophie hates Monday mornings, socks worn with sandals, and having to strategise like she’s a battle sergeant every time she asks her […]