My Friend’s a Gris-Kwok

Charming comedy from Malorie Blackman. Two friends have to cope with a very challenging babysitting job when Mike discovers his friend Alex can turn into living creature he wants – but so can Alex’s naughty little sister Polly! Mike had no idea that his best friend Alex was a Gris-Kwok – he can turn into […]

Ellie and the Cat

A cautionary tale of brats, cats and a little bit of magic from much loved and best-selling author Malorie Blackman. Ellie is the rudest, most spoilt child her grandma has ever met and it’s time that she learnt a lesson! So with a little bit of magic and some help from Jolly the cat, Grandma’s […]

A Dangerous Game

An exciting school trip goes horribly wrong in this thrilling adventure from master storyteller Malorie Blackman. Although Sam has a long-term illness, all he wants is the chance to lead a normal life. So he is thrilled when he finally gets his mum and dad to let him go on the school trip to the […]

Little Gems: Grandpa Bert and the Ghost Snatchers

A pleasingly absurd caper where kids outwit crooks, ghost are let out of the bag, and grandparents refuse to behave! From beloved and best-selling author Malorie Blackman. Grandma Gertie is rather strange. With her big square glasses and a parrot on her hat, Anna and Kasper don’t know what to make of her. But Grandma’s […]

Robot Girl

A futuristic drama full of suspense from the award-winning Malorie Blackman. What do you do when your dad has created a monster? That’s Claire’s dilemma when her father reveals the latest project in his lab. It’s hideous – but can Claire bring herself to destroy it? Claire is keen to find out what her dad […]


Angela’s been kidnapped – can her quick wits help her escape before it’s too late? Gripping adventure from an award winning author. Snatched off the street, Angela is alone and terrified. She knows she’s been kidnapped but will her dad pay the ransom? Or can she be brave enough to escape? A new edition of […]