Curses and Other Buried Things

Her family’s secrets might literally drown her. Susana Prather wants one thing: to avoid becoming like the mother who abandoned her, no matter the cost. But when her eighteenth birthday triggers a generational curse, prompting Susana to sleepwalk into the Okefenokee Swamp behind her grandparents’ house, she realizes the roots of her family tree run […]

Picture Dictionary

Over 1,000 words illustrated and defined. Delightful illustrations and clear definitions combine to make this the ideal first dictionary for young children. Words are shown in context to help children understand how they are used, and colourful alphabet strips along the edges of the pages aid navigation. There’s also user-friendly information on how to use […]

Last Woman Hanged

One woman. Two husbands. Four trials. One bloody execution. The last woman hanged in NSW. In January 1889, Louisa Collins, a 41-year-old mother of ten children, became the first woman hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol and the last woman hanged in New South Wales. Both of Louisa’s husbands died suddenly. the Crown was convinced that Louisa […]